"… my design work is at the interface of body, movement, form, and light. Voluminous, concise forms creating their own space for those who wear them and becoming alive through movement …"

Sensual concepts. Opulent forms. Dominant works with all-comprising effect. Huge, compact jewelry objects challenging an eager dialog with the body.

Ursula Gnädinger sees jewelry as sculptures on the body. Unperturbed and unimpressed by so-called trends and fashions the jewelry maker has pursued her very own style for many years. Her works are flirting, provoking, and suspending accustomed views. She creates unique jewlery works that strike a balance between independent sculpture and interaction with the body. Excellent originals owning their character to the intellectual continuity of their author.

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Ursula Gnaedinger Schmuck • Berlin • Design • Jewelry • Neckless • Bracelets • Rings • Earrings • Pendants • Silverrings • Silverneckless • Silver • Platin • Gold